Tips For Decorating Your Bedroom Space

Sue's Tips - Published March 30, 2011

We spend 1/3 of our lives in our bedrooms, therefore we should  invest in good mattresses, pillows and linens.  Just as important as these basics, we need to pay attention to the mood we are setting and the personal touch we use to decorate this special space.

Lighting in your bedroom is an integral part of creating the feeling of relaxation, calmness and  romance.  Don’t underestimate the importance of this tool.  Aside from the center light in the middle of the ceiling, use lampshades, pin lights and chandeliers for mood lighting.  Changing the lighting gives dark and light patterns of light in your room.  These shades of light create the ambience and accent your personal taste and style.

This image of a guest bedroom from our portfolio clearly shows this effect.  The bedside lamps create a distinct pattern on the wall which accents the paint color and perfectly frames the custom headboard.  These sweet  lamps were a little small for the size of the headboard, but easily rectified with a few books under each to add  height.  This also adds a touch of the owner’s personal style to the bedside tables and adds to the overall atmosphere.